Tropical Storm Gustav

Three years after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, New Orleans is starring down the barrel of another hurricane. The National Huricane Center is frantically trying to predict the path of this tropical storm well before it becomes a monster.

Active Gulf Storms

In aviation there’s a saying that planes in a line on radar are called a “string of pearls.” Well, the Gulf and Atlantic have a string of storm pearls.

It has been a relatively quiet season. Tropical Storm Fay came through Florida a couple weeks ago and flooded a lot of places, but I don’t think it killed anyone. Fay and T.S. Edouard did help knock loose the high pressure sitting over Texas and we subsequently got some rain after that.

Painting A Braille Bull’s Eye On Your Back

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) sued Target – specifically – over their inaccessible site and won $6 million. Target is seeing red, and the blind are “seeing”

Barack Obama prepares to name running mate

Barack Obama prepares to name running mate – Yahoo! News: “WASHINGTON – The secret holding, Barack Obama on Friday readied announcement by text message of his vice presidential running mate from a list suddenly spiced by a dark horse from Texas.” …Three days before the party gathers in Denver to nominate Obama for the fall campaign, several officials said Rep. Chet Edwards, whose district includes President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, had made the roster of potential running mates.

AP IMPACT: Campaigns take cash, seek details later

WASHINGTON — Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain has consistently followed the government’s instructions for keeping prohibited foreign money out of their presidential campaigns, and some of that banned money has slipped into Obama’s campaign.

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Terrorists attacking our DIGG!!!!!

Okay, I know its crazy, but I keep hearing about this iPatriot act and what not. Interesting this is on the front page of CNN. If it actually works out that way, then I guess I’ll say I told you so to a bunch of people…until then though, I’ll be f*****g around on Digg.

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