Tropical Weather and Storms – Hurricane Updates from

Tropical Weather and Storms – Hurricane Updates from “On its current track, Ike should make landfall along the central Texas coast early (late) Friday night as a major hurricane. Models are honing in on a landfall location very close to Freeport, Texas. However it is very important to emphasize that tropical storm and hurricane conditions will be felt well before Ike’s center of circulation makes landfall. Conditions will deteriorate along the Texas coast well before that point.”

Texas A&M University will be closed Friday (Sept. 12) as a precautionary measure as Hurricane Ike nears the Texas coast and tropical storm winds and heavy rain are projected to reach the Bryan-College Station area.

HOUSTON — George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) will stop commercial flights beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Friday. No airline service is expected to operate at IAH on Saturday. Southwest Airlines at Hobby Airport will stop flights at 9:00 a.m. –

Round Two – Spite of Hurricane Ike

The funny thing is that the predicted landfall gets shorter by 8 hours every day. Today is Wednesday, September 10, and it’s now predicted to land early Saturday morning near Corpus Christi.

Hurricane Gustav

Gustav comes ashore this morning as a Category 3 hurricane, but getting weaker by the hour. Texas needs the rain, and maybe we’ll see some, maybe not.

Maybe big brother got lucky on this one. Two things: 1) the gov was proactive and evacuated at the right time; it’s cheaper to move half a million people and then to search, rescue and recover half a million people, and 2) people responded (most any way).

This year though sees another player – the Republican National Convention is scheduled for this week. Now the story is how the storm of ’08 affects politics and the presidency.

It came from lessons learned, but what about the next one, what if it’s a near miss (or near hit). Will people still respond. Will they say “better safe than sorry,” or, will they cuss the government for making them leave for nothing.

Tropical Storm Gustav

Three years after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, New Orleans is starring down the barrel of another hurricane. The National Huricane Center is frantically trying to predict the path of this tropical storm well before it becomes a monster.

Active Gulf Storms

In aviation there’s a saying that planes in a line on radar are called a “string of pearls.” Well, the Gulf and Atlantic have a string of storm pearls.

It has been a relatively quiet season. Tropical Storm Fay came through Florida a couple weeks ago and flooded a lot of places, but I don’t think it killed anyone. Fay and T.S. Edouard did help knock loose the high pressure sitting over Texas and we subsequently got some rain after that.

Hurricane Humberto

This was the little hurricane that made landfall around 1AM. I saw the news at 6:00 PM and they thought that tropical storm Humberto would come ashore and die quickly.

Hurricane Season 2007 – It’s Back

Not quite in full force yet, but there’s activity on the radar. Tropical Storm Erin, now a tropical depression, is the first to sweep into the Lonestar state. She arrived 5:00 AM CDT this morning and by 7:00 AM she was downgraded.

Off on the horizon – in the Atlantic – is her big brother, Hurricane Dean. Dean must have been promoted to hurricane within the past few hours (maybe 5:00 AM CDT). We should expect him to strengthen and head straight for the Caribbean (Jamaica) and points west.

Winter’s Back

I know it’s not much sleet/ice build up, but it’s enough to keep 50,000+ Aggies home for last 2 days.

Hurricane Rita – Not A Drop!

Not a drop! All we got was a drying 30-40mph wind. Now the air is hot and humid, the grass is brown, and there’s no end in sight to summer.

Oh well.

Hurricane Rita

Today’s picture looks better than yesterday. So now we sit and wait – wait to see how much wind and rain we’ll get. Funny though, how news/rumor of events happening south of here (i.e. the evacuation effort) have spread around today. In the halls, at McDonalds at lunchtime, on the radio, everywhere you turn you get a different version or an updated version. But leave it to the Cajuns to ignore the weather and party on:

In Lafayette, Cajun fest rages on
Inundated with hurricane victims, they celebrate survival
12:00 AM CDT on Monday, September 19, 2005
By GILLIAN FLACCUS / Associated Press
LAFAYETTE, La. – Their homes are bursting with guests. Their schools are overwhelmed. Traffic has been at a standstill for three weeks since thousands of New Orleans hurricane evacuees arrived in search of shelter.But Lafayette, the capital of Cajun country, still knows how to party.Throngs turned out during the weekend for the opening days of the Festivals Acadiens, billed as the largest Cajun festival in the world, in a show of just what joie de vivre means.