She’s Got A Ticket To Ride and It Rings

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Remember when phones were sationary? (Yes kiddies phones were once permanently afixed to a wall.) and you waited for a conductor to collect your train ticket as the train chugged along? Well the day has finally arrived that we can get on a bullet train while talking on a cellular phone. Yes the smart phone is your train ticket now.

With one swipe of the phone – maybe you can just walk past the “electric conductor” – and you’re on your marry way to a blistful ride on a bullet train that was ergonomically designed to fit the most sardine…I mean people in the least about of space. Now add a mini keyboard to your phone and you could probably manage to thumb-type a couple sentences of your mega-presentation before you had to leave the serenity of the train.

Time vs. Technology

A century seems like a long time – it is – but did you ever notice the speed with which technology grows in 100 years; it grows at an increasing rate. The U.S. Public Broadcast Service and The History Channel, among others, give us a portal to the past – using the latest technology – to view what was high-tech in the first decade of the 20th century.

In 1903 “powered flight” was the buzzword. The Wright brothers made history with the first, documented powered flight. Their glider with a motor weighed just a couple hundred pounds and finally flew 59 seconds by the end of their trials; a successful flight by Wilbur’s standards.

Wright Brother’s historic flight courtesy of Library of Congress. Posted by Hello

In 2005 a consortium of European companies named Airbus showed the public a monster of a craft, the Airbus A380.

The 555-seat A380 passenger aircraft has a range of up to 8,000nm/15,000km, allowing it to fly non-stop between Europe and Asia. [It’s] powered by Trent 900 engines from Rolls-Royce or GP7200 engines from The Engine Alliance. – Airbus website 2005.

The A380 courtesy Posted by Hello

Killer Squirrels

I’ve witnessed my first flesh-eating squirrel. He sat for over an hour munching away on a dead bird outside my workplace.

Come to find out killer squirrels are a common lot. Several sites are dedicated to squirrel attacks – usually cyclists or motor-bikers. Someone even came up with the phrase of The World Organisation Of Killer Squirrels (TWOOKS). A catchy title, but it’s just another blog and has little to do with squirrels.

Many folks like to take pictures of squirrels and call them “killer squirrels” but they aren’t really.

If you want to find some really nutty people check the Groups on this topic – oh boy. Some write about killer squirrels from outer space. Teams of game players use the name as a badge of honor.

Humans definitely dedicated a lot of time to killer squirrels.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge acquition is a wild subject. Popular with many search engines is the concept of ontologies. I struck on this topic shortly after the movie the Matrix came out. My concept was started at back in 2000. Unfortunately, I haven’t developed the plot beyond this premise – I keep seeing similar ideas in the media.