Time vs. Technology

A century seems like a long time – it is – but did you ever notice the speed with which technology grows in 100 years; it grows at an increasing rate. The U.S. Public Broadcast Service and The History Channel, among others, give us a portal to the past – using the latest technology – to view what was high-tech in the first decade of the 20th century.

In 1903 “powered flight” was the buzzword. The Wright brothers made history with the first, documented powered flight. Their glider with a motor weighed just a couple hundred pounds and finally flew 59 seconds by the end of their trials; a successful flight by Wilbur’s standards.

Wright Brother’s historic flight courtesy of Library of Congress. Posted by Hello

In 2005 a consortium of European companies named Airbus showed the public a monster of a craft, the Airbus A380.

The 555-seat A380 passenger aircraft has a range of up to 8,000nm/15,000km, allowing it to fly non-stop between Europe and Asia. [It’s] powered by Trent 900 engines from Rolls-Royce or GP7200 engines from The Engine Alliance. – Airbus website 2005.

The A380 courtesy Airbus.com. Posted by Hello