Online Dating

You ever wonder if the grass is greener on the other side? Apparently millions are spending millions to become your next ex. So, truth, I spent a few greenbacks on one site – not very satisfying. I guess you have to put into it what you want to get out of it – like life – except they charge you so you can spend hours combing through your billboar… I mean profile and more hours searching for Mr./Mrs. Right.

The US online dating industry is expected to grow by 9% YTY with revenues of $516 mln in 2005 coming from consumer subscriptions alone, said Jupiter Research. That’s slower than the 19% growth in 2004. There are 86 mln single adults who control annual spending of $1.6 trillion, according to Online dating sites reach about 30% of that market currently. Source: Top online dating sites: Yahoo! Personals,, Spark |

Many (about 80 Million) reviews say it’s not worth it; just get out into the real world. But some counter that with “what is reality?” Doesn’t a real ad take a real person to create? Doesn’t a real person respond to your real ad? [REAL: not scripted by some code-kiddy with a super-dooper-mega-malicious laptop.]

UPDATE 5/1/2010:

I found my future wife through this investment. We started chatting online soon after I wrote this and we were married in March 2009. So, online “dating” does work if you use it as a tool that opens the door to a relationship.