NOW it’s getting personal Mother Nature! Hurricane Katrina was bad – it killed a thousand plus people, destroyed a few hundred miles of Gulf Coast, disrupted thousands of lives, spiked gas prices – but Hurricane Rita wants to pour salt in the wound and then some.

This is definitely the year of the hurricane – 17 named storms so far and we have 6 more weeks left in the season! Some have suggested the Russians and Japanese are in kahoots to make a weather machine to destroy America.

Secretary Cohen was well-briefed on these weapons and their use by “terrorists” – in this case, the Japanese Yakuza crews who leased large strategic Russian scalar interferometers from the KGB in latter 1989. They have been engineering the weather over North America initially (and in some other places) since then, and have since become the most skilled interferometer operators on the planet. They are also being used as direct protégées by the KGB/FSB, which has moved them into the final Operations Phase of the long asymmetric war against the United States. Source: Scott Stevens (meteorologist) at

O.K. We all know Hollywood is nuts about weather phenomina especially tornados and hurricanes, but a real-life, still-employed, meteorologist? What’s this world coming to.