Life v. Art – Yates: Not guilty by reason of insanity – Jan 9, 2006.

Read the whole story and the last paragraph is the clincher here:

Her convictions were overturned last January by a state appeals court because of testimony by the state’s expert witness, forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz. He testified that, shortly before Yates killed her five children, television’s “Law and Order” series broadcast an episode about a woman with postpartum depression who drowned her children. No such episode ever existed.

So “Law and Order” is influencing our court system now? Which is worse a kooky “psychiatrist” that tried to rewrite history (revisionist?) by quoting a non-existant episode of a TV series – or the fact that she was convicted by this (and other) testimony in the first place and now gets a retrial.

Well, I think Law and Order would get a kick out of this one. Don’t be surprised if they rip this one from the headlines and poke a little fun at themselves as “evidence” during a trial.