Obama’s Texas Two-Step

A man, a plan, Texas. He’s reaching out in a big way.

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Now for the other Two-Step story …
Yesterday, February 25, I got a flyer in the mail. It was Obama’s “Texas Two-Step” campaign. The gist of the message was that we should attend the voting location twice! The first time, it explained, 2/3 of delegates are chosen. The second time – the night of the March 4 primary – you go to the polling location and sign-in thus choosing the remaining 1/3 of the delgates.
Texas doesn’t have caucuses. We vote in the Primary then we vote again in the General Election. End of story.

Let me rephrase. Texas (a majority Republican state), does not have a Republican caucus. Texas Democrats get to caucus in tight races when there’s more than one canidate left at the time of the Texas Primary.