Half the Time at Twice the Cost

[What follows is fictional, but it could happen.]

Imagine if a new state or federal law required certain things be included with your company’s products, e.g. all company web pages must include a link that points to a state and/or federal government web site.

Now imagine the expense involved to retrofit all of the products to include the requirement! Employee’s would scream and moan that the change will take too much time and cost too much money. However, since it is required, they do it.

The next year the law changes or is repealed – it no longer required the thing to be included with products. Do you think the employees revolt, riot in the streets? No, they actually yanked the requirement from every product in half the time it took to put it in at twice the cost due to overtime, fees, fines, or whatever.

So what is the moral?

What’s the point?