Now what

So I got my airplane ticket and my EuRail ticket and made a couple reservations at hotels in Amsterdam and Munich…now what.

Now the panic sets in. Not the typical questions, “What should I do? Where should I go?” I’m wondering how I’ll survive a 10 hour flight! So, I did what I do, Google it, “What do you do on a long flight?” I found some good suggestions on several blogs: hydrate, sleep, drink alcohol (but don’t dehydrate), sleep, eat light, sleep, get up and move around, sleep. You see a trend?. It’s time to panic! I can drink on a plane, but I don’t sleep well on them. What about cigarettes? I smoke a pack a day. During a 10 hour flight – no stress – that works out to 5 cigarettes for me; I get none! What do you do when you panic? That’s right keep reading Google results, but this time I didn’t find it on Google, rather, I thought of this one on my own – nicotine gum.

I bought a bunch of stuff to compensate for the panic. I bought a bunch of crap I probably wont use: lip balm for the dry air at 40,000 feet, nicotine gum, a passport wallet (WTF?), Tylenol PM in single dose sizes (fight blood clots and sleep in one pill), single ZipLock bags (honestly they sell them in the Trail & Travel section).

Now, with the initial panic over, I planned some things that probably don’t need to be planned. Rolling papers. I’ll admit, I smoke pre-rolled cigarettes, but I thought what if I want a “smoke” and I have nothing to put the shit in? I also heard that many Europeans – especially the Dutch – roll their own. So, when in Rome…I’ll try it.

I need to get back on the excited bandwagon and off the panic cart.

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