Phone Phishing or Telemarketing Gone Wild

This is a serious problem folks! I’m getting 2 and 3 calls per day on my cell phone from some unknown telemarketing “company”. Apparently, the national do not call list doesn’t apply to these folks – or maybe the law doesn’t apply.

The numbers that have called me
9/4/2008 50622914747
9/3/2008 50622313055
9/3/2008 50622747453

I ran across from which I see dozens of numbers. People can comment on

Caller ID: 1 561-253-1135
Caller: FBK Products

The last person on the list suggested call them toll free 1-800-880-7122
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 8am-10pm (EST)
Friday – 8am-5pm (EST)
Saturday – 8am-2pm (EST)

Another person said flood them with email/virus/dos/phish

(I like that idea)

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