SXSW Day One

See movie Slammin’ Salmon – saw the preview in the Adobe DayCafe
Check out – they were handing out bills at the first panel

Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong

Dan Willis

See – is a dead tree
See – another dead tree
“Print in disquise”
These two and so many are stuck in the print model of information sharing.
What we need is a web grammar.

D. W. Griffith – Birth of a Nation – did nothing different, but he invented a film grammar and made a load of money.
“1 + 1 = 3”

What is the (possible) web grammar:

  • Random voyeurism
  • Self aware (but uncontrollable) content
  • User-created context
  • Ambient awareness
  • Experiential content

Tips for Transcendent Web Design:

  • Organize cross teams
  • Embrase your ignorance
  • Don’t be distracted by business models that don’t start and end with users

(Tips are incomplete)

Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

Paul Annett

User’s enjoy discovering things (e.g. arrow in FedEx logo). This is kinda like random voyeurism (see above). Hiding things in plain sight. It plays with user-created context (see above).
Paralax with backgrounds (e.g.
Peripherial vision effects are fun too.