Debunking the myths of Columbine, 10 years later

“Journalist and author Dave Cullen was one of the first to take on what he calls the myths of Columbine. He kept at it for a decade, challenging what the media and law enforcement officials reported.” Source | April 20, 2009

Cullen’s book,”Columbine,” was released this month — just in time for today’s 10th anniversary of the shooting at the Colorado high school. While tackling popular misconceptions, Cullen also gives a riveting account of what happened that day and how the survivors view the event that marked their lives forever.

Ten years later and we have social networks that spread news faster than CNN can get to the spot. Imagine – god forbid – if “Columbine” happened today. Networks like twitter would spread the word before the incident was even over; remember Plane Crash in Hudson.