Before and After

2009_05200008 About four months ago – after the stimulus check arrived – I began thinking about remodeling and improving things around the “new” house. When we bought the house we knew there were some problem spots.

The house is 25 years old and it was starting to show some age. The roof’s facia boards were starting to rot in spots, a chimney’s facia was rotting and the skylights were leaking (again). Then there was a giant sycamore tree in the back yard. Some of it’s roots had floated across the ground and were threatening the home’s foundation.

2009_07240001Today I had the sycamore cut down. It took about four hours for the crew of four to saw and clip and chop. That is one step in the remodeling direction. The facia may have to wait for a home equity loan as the stimulus money went elsewhere and it wouldn’t have been enough anyway.