Google Earth 5.0 Goes to the Moon

It was 40 years ago today that man landed on the moon. A lot has happened in 40 years; A LOT.

We have Space Shuttles and Mars Rovers and had two space stations. Today, astronauts celebrated the moonwalk by doing a spacewalk outside of the Space Shuttle, Endeavour.

We have computers that fit on one hand that are more powerful than the whole room full of computers at Johnson Space Center (Houston) in 1969.

We have the Internet and cellular phones that bounce signals off satellites.

“One small step for Google Earth is one giant step for moon buffs. Google has updated its popular mapping software Google Earth 5.0 with a complete map of the moon that lets you explore craters, historic sites, and human artifacts. You can even view the moon in the style of Google Street View, checking out astronauts as they wander the moon’s surface.” Source: