25th Annual Kolache Festival

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Come be Czech for a day! 25th Annual Kolache Festival – Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Kolache Festival is a celebration of the revitalization of Czech heritage… a county that was basically a Czech settlement realized their precious identity was slipping away. New generations knew not the language, the music or the art of their ancestors. Not only do we grasp at the past, but we hurry to share the history…to bring into today’s focus the beauty, talent, and delight of the Czech people.

Come to the Kolache Festival and learn the wonderful Czech philosophy. See the technique of stenciling, basket weaving, egg decorating, quilting, woodcraft, carving, sculpturing. Dance to the polka, and sing the songs of the musician. Taste the true ethnic food and lend your soul to the fulfillment of the Czech cultural heritage.