Better or Worse Getting to HighEdWeb 2009


What’s worse, 40 minutes of a bumpy airplane ride or the guy sitting next to you is big as an ox and he sneezes. What’s worse, the cab driver sounds like he has emphysema or arriving in a strange city with $40 in your pocket and the cab costs $30. What’s worse, the annoyingly catchy tune blaring from the cell phone in the next hotel room or the person that kept calling and burning that tune into my head.


What’s better, getting to Milwaukee for #heweb09 or having laughs, beer and good times with some of the folks presenting. What’s better, crashing a private party at Mo’s or finding the private-private party that was behind the private party. What’s better, finding hidden cash to buy a couple beers or paying a single-digit tab for several beers.

If I return home without gaining 10 lbs because of all the beer and good food in Milwaukee or returning without swine flu – those would be good things.┬áLearning something I can put in to practice at my shop or getting some swanky swag – those would be good things.

Let Geek Camp begin.