Game Break Is A Bust

Well, it looks like Texas Game Break is a bust. Their Facebook was last updated on March 1 and today is supposed to be the second day of the Break – and nothing.

By contrast, ZFW Summer Sizzle has been going strong every other year since 2005. I made a video of the 2005 players.

So what’s the difference? We established a tight nit community before planning an event, then we planned an event with that community’s help.

A word to the wise: don’t start something you won’t finish and don’t ask people to help unless you follow through – no matter what. The first ZFW Summer Sizzle was a success because we all pitched in and helped. All of us were involved. Yes, it took money. But, those involved pitched in and did what was needed to make it happen. That is the moral of the story when it comes to events: everyone has to do something and something has to be done (by more than one person).

Oh well, maybe we will see something come of Texas Game Break next year.