How To Install Custom Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile Vibrant)

If you have a T-Mobile Vibrant you can add your own MP3 ringtones to your phone using these simple steps.

  1. Download your favorite MP3 to your desktop – like the “Droid” Squirrel.mp3 from the HighEdWeb 2010 website.
  2. Next, connect your phone to your desktop using the USB cable and select Media Player type connection.
  3. On your desktop you should get an Explorer window. Select “Open device to view files” and go to the Card directory.
  4. Create a sub-directory named “ringtones” if you don’t have one already.
  5. Drag and drop your MP3 file into the ringtones directory.
  6. On your phone, on the Settings > Sound and display > Voice call ringtone screen, select your MP3 filename and press OK.

That’s all.

Thanks to HighEdWeb 2010 for providing the best ringtone ever!

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