HTML 5 Design


Even though the specification is still being written, HTML5 can be implemented for your website today. In this workshop presented by Christopher Schmitt focused on real world solutions, attendees will learn about the new HTML elements and their semantics, HTML5 form elements, incorporate audio and video without Flash, new JavaScript API like geolocation, and more.

Christopher Schmitt


My Notes

– There is 91 HTML elements
– are awesome, but they have problem with screen readers

– Talk about difference from xhtml to html5
– building html5
– video
– audio
– geolocation

DOCTYPE changes

– quotes are optional
– case insensitive
– end / is optional

Page Structure
– Merge the div id like

Does HTML5 retain the block/in-line rules?

IE needs javascript to trick it.

IE9 supports HTML5

– Progressively modernize code

You can use java script modernizr.min.js

It can turn on features for browsers that support the feature (from CSS rules)

HTML5 audio
– only a few file formats are supported by a few

HTML5 video
– posterframe, very simple
– same issues as audio, few codecs few browsers
vlc media player

youtube beta html

– Captioning (use jquery)
jCaps jquery plugin

HTML5 Geolocation
– navigator.geolocation javascript
– or

Microformats Made Simple by Emily Lewis