Worst Lunch Ever

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing went right? Maybe the stars were misaligned or something, but I just had the worst lunch ever.

I planned this mini lunch adventure: White Castle burgers. We don’t have a restaurant but they sell them in grocery stores. So, I went to the store, got frozen White Castle burgers, a small bottle of mustard, a small bottle of ketchup, and a Dr. Pepper.

On the way back from the store though I had to wait for a train. That was probably a sign that things were not going to turn out well.

Anyway, I brought all the stuff back to the office break room, microwaved the burgers, and sat down to enjoy lunch.

Well, the plastic ketchup bottle was cracked at the bottom and it smelled funny; whole bottle of ketchup in the trash. Carrying on, I tried the burgers with only mustard. Yuck! They tasted like burnt plastic smells. I washed down 4 of them because I was hungry. At least the Dr. Pepper didn’t explode on me.

Total price $7.50 – all in the trash bin. I’ll never eat White Castle again, and I may never buy lunch food from that grocery store again.