Twitter helps airline passengers

Airlines are quickly learning that social media tools, particularly Twitter, can act as an excellent customer service channel. Source: Twitter is handy tool for airline passengers –

Here is a list of major passenger airline Twitter names:

Alaska Airlines: @AlaskaAir
American Airlines: @AmericanAir
Continental: @Continental
Delta: @DeltaAssist
Frontier: @flyfrontier
JetBlue: @JetBlue
Southwest: @SouthwestAir
United: @United
US Airways: @USAirways
Virgin America: @VirginAmerica


This is worth mentioning for future reference – we got about 2 inches of rain yesterday night. That’s the first time since May 23 that we’ve seen rain, and January since we’ve seen more than an inch.

Empire Avenue: Invest In People


Empire Avenue let’s you “invest” in people by buy fictitious stock in them on a website; specifically their social media identity. The most social media presence one has the higher their stock price. The more investors one has the higher their stock price. Users can buy and sell stock in other users or non-users via their social media identities like Twitter or Facebook.

Blogs are also consider social media currency and they can contribute to a user’s value. Hence I’m writing this blog to have my blog accepted as part of my social currency.

World IPv6 Day

June 8, 2011, is World IPv6 Day (source: Nerdiest Holiday Ever: World IPv6 Day). It might be frivolous to celebrate now, but wait a couple years (or months) and see what happens to IPv4. Here’s a clue, we’ve run out of IPv4 addresses – they’re all taken/owned by companies.

You can think of IPv6 in a couple ways. It’s like making the other 8 planets (yes I maintain Pluto is a planet) inhabitable when Earth runs out of livable space.

With IPv6 every IPv4 address could have it’s own IPv4 address.

While IPv4 allows 32 bits for an Internet Protocol address, and can therefore support 232 (4,294,967,296) addresses, IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, so the new address space supports 2128 (approximately 340 undecillion or 3.4×1038
) addresses. Source: wikipedia | IPv6

Global Weirding Serves Texas Worst Drought Since Dust Bowl

Almost two years after the drought of 2009, Texas is worse off than ever before. This summer, there are almost 4 times as many counties experiencing “exceptional” drought than in 2009 and almost 2 times as many than in 2006.

Just how hot is it? On May 25 – 27 days before the start of summer – we reached 100° F in Brazos county! If that’s a trend, I expect 45 – 60 days of 100+ degree days this summer. That is insane hot!

To our relief, it has rained and we got maybe 1/2 inch the last two nights. That will probably prolong the grass’ life another week or two. Check back in September, Texas might be in Dust Bowl 2.0. Meanwhile, crops and livestock are holding on for dear life.

To compound the trouble – or as a result of drought – Texas has experienced the worst fires ever too. More than 2 million acres have burned and it is only June – we have at least 90 days of dry, hot conditions ahead.

The tinder-dry conditions in Texas have spawned thousands of wildfires that have killed two firefighters, scorched about 2.3 million acres and destroyed about 400 homes since November. Source: Severe drought in Texas worst in map’s history | Star-Telegram

Boeing 737 Takeoff

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I think I finally figured out the screen resolution I need to fill a youtube video viewing box. I set my screen and FSX to 1280 x 720. It makes everything pinched, but the outcome is widescreen 16:9. I also converted the video from Fraps’ AVI to MPEG4 using widescreen setting for both input and output.

This also gave me the opportunity to install an iframe plugin for WordPress so I can use YouTube iframes and WordPress doesn’t zap the HTML. Thanks to Túbal Martín for his plugin and shortcode and the link to YouTube parameters.