Replacing the Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) on a 2005 GMC Yukon

My speedometer was sticking so I wanted to get it fixed. I learned that in most newer GM vehicles – probably ones with electronic odometers – that the whole instrument cluster comes out. The GM dealer will charge you an arm and a leg for about 15 minutes worth of work that you can do yourself.

Doing a Google search I found that several shops offer Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) repair/replacement. The catch is you are without a car while you ship it off and wait for it to return. I think it was worth it. I used because they’re cheaper than the other guys, and they repair in 1 day rather than replace in several. I also found their YouTube video – GM Instrument Cluster Removal – when I was researching “How To” repair/replace/remove the IPC.

$30.00 shipping outbound
$19.95 shipping inbound
TOTAL: $199.94

GM Dealer quote: $550.00

I saved $350.06!