V.E.D.i.O. – Day 3

“drei Stichpunkten”

1] Do you ever find yourself holding your tongue around friends and family about your vlog topics? I’m new to vlogging everyday, but I find that it’s hard to keep topics to myself – especially The Wife. (She didn’t know I was vlogging everyday until I told her today. :( )

2] The technological discrepancies of IM clients; we’ve come so far just to wind up back at the trailhead. Today the admins at work shutdown the IRC server without much rhyme or reason. I now have 3 chat clients. Two of them I will rarely use – only when asked to use them ’cause the people don’t know or don’t want to use the 3rd one. But the bullet point is that admins in IT do this routinely: act without regard to impact to customers. I was using Pidgin which connected several chat protocols in one applications. Now it’s pointless to use it for just one so I stopped using it today.

3] Social media is like fishing: you can throw out bait, but if there are no fish around you get no bites. Be prepared for this disappointment. As they say, it’s not how many fish you catch, it’s the satisfaction in being able to go fishing that counts. (Yeah, and an empty cooler is still an empty cooler.)

#vedo14 or #vlogtober