Vlog Every Day October – Day 5

“Three Bullet Points”

1] I went to Walmart and Lowes today to get carburetor cleaner and fuel treatment for my weed trimmer. At Lowes I observed 2 separate men getting taken for a ride by a young sales man in the lawn mowers and trimmers aisle. I thought you fools: parts today are not like they were 10 years ago and you are throwing your money away buying new (what they were buying) from here. I know ’cause I did it last year.

2] I was going to mow the grass when I got back from Lowes but I went lazy. Then I realized just how few times per year I mow; 5-6 times. All of that contributes to having to clean/winterize lawn mowers and weed trimmers so that I can mow 5 times per year.

3] I was surfing through the streets of Portland on Google Maps Street View today. Did you ever notice in cities that store fronts either advertise who they are or they don’t. If they don’t want you snooping around they put out nothing.

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