Vlog Every Day October – Day 4

“Tre Punti Elenco”

1] It’s The Wife’s birthday today so we went out to eat at a “new” restaurant. In 60 seconds it was obvious they didn’t do extensive remodeling because the floor bounced every time someone walked past our table; 3rd one from the entrance. The food’s overpriced for the atmosphere (casual) and not better than other places in town. We won’t be going back there.

2] This town is getting big – too big. When I went to get The Wife’s “cake” and ice cream, I stopped to wash my truck only to find every drying spot full and 4 SUV’s in line to wash. Is it worse that it happened or that I knew it would happen? I skipped the wash. I guess car washing is getting like everything else in this town: us “normal” people only get to do it between midnight and 7AM.

3] This last bullet is a stretch but here goes. OK if you are going to a conference do you find yourself checking the schedule, planning where to go and what to do, or are you more spontaneous (c’est la vie)? If you plan, do you do it constantly or do you take breaks? If you plan, are you disappointed when you get there? I’ve been to several conferences through the years and I find some planning is good (find a good restaraunt, find bad spots and safe zones), but too much and you burn out. You want to be enthusiastic about the city when you arrive not burned out. Research but take breaks – maybe weeks at a time – so that you are knowledgeable about the city hot spots but you don’t have to rush off to see them in the first day of the conference.

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