Vlog Every Day October | Day 6

“Three Bullet Points”

1] When someone retires or is forced to leave a company it’s sad. It’s like losing a family member. When the company’s webmaster has to remove their information on the website it’s sad too. It’s like cleaning up a family member’s home after they die. I had to do that today and I almost cried.

2] The rhetorical question of the night: every try to concentrate on thinking up vlog bullet points only to find the voices in the head were silent and the voices outside the head were deafining? Whe you don’t live a very interesting life, remembering 3 bullet points in your day is challenging enough.

3] I learned two things about scotch whiskey the other day:1) scotch whiskey comes from 1 of 4 regions of Scotland; and 2) the Speyside (pronounced “spah side”) region of Scotland produces the most single malt scotch whiskey.

#vedo14 or #vlogtober