Texas General Election 2014

The General Election in Texas is November 4, 2014. Early voting runs October 20-31, 2014. From the Primary Election in March to the General Election in November, the candidates have been chosen. See who/what is on the ballot or table of candidates.

There are 5 possible party affiliations: R-Republican, D-Democrat, L-Libertarian, G-Green, and I-Independent.

U.S. Senate (Texas)

  • John Cornyn (R)
  • David M. Alameel (D)
  • Rebecca Paddock (L)
  • Emily “Spicybrown” Sanchez (G)

U.S. House of Representatives (District 17)

  • Bill Flores (R)
  • Nick Haynes (D)
  • Shawn Michael Hamilton (L)

Texas Senate (District 5)

  • Charles Schwertner (R)
  • Joel Shapiro (D)
  • Matthew Whittington (L)

Texas House of Representatives (District 14)

  • John Raney (R)
  • Andrew Metscher (D)
  • Bruce L. Pugh (L)

Texas Governor

  • Greg Abbott (R)
  • Wendy R. Davis (D)
  • Kathie Glass (L)
  • Brandon Parmer (G)

Texas Lieutenant Governor

  • Dan Patrick (R)
  • Leticia van de Putte (D)
  • Robert D. Butler (L)
  • Chandrakantha Courtney (G)

Texas Attorney General

  • Ken Paxton (R)
  • Sam Houston (D)
  • Jamie Balagia (L)
  • Jamar Osborne (G)

Texas Supreme Court

Chief Justice

  • Nathan Hecht (R)
  • William Moody (D)
  • Tom Oxford (L)

Place 6

  • Jeff Brown (R)
  • Lawrence Edward Meyers (D)
  • Mark Ash (L)

Place 7

  • Jeff Boyd (R)
  • Gina Benavides (D)
  • Don Fulton (L)
  • Charles E. Waterbury (G)

Place 8

  • Phil Johnson (R)
  • RS Roberto Koelsch (L)
  • Jim Chisolm (G)

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 3

  • Bert Richardson (R)
  • John Granberg (D)
  • Mark W. Bennett (L)

Place 4

  • Kevin Patrick Yeary (R)
  • Quanah Parker (L)
  • Judith Sanders-Castro (G)

Place 9

  • David Newell (R)
  • William Bryan Strange, III (L)
  • George Joseph Altgelt (G)

Texas Courts of Appeals (District 10)

Place 2

  • Rex Davis (R)

Texas State Board of Education Member (District 8)

  • Barbara Cargill (R) – Next election November 2016

Comptroller of Public Accounts

  • Glenn Hegar (R)
  • Mike Collier (D)
  • Ben Sander (L)
  • Deb Shafto (G)

Commissioner of the General Land Office

  • George P. Bush (R)
  • John Cook (D)
  • Justin Knight (L)
  • Valerie Alessi (G)

Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Sid Miller (R)
  • Jim Hogan (D)
  • David “Rocky” Palmquist (L)
  • Kenneth Kendrick (G)

Railroad Commissioner

  • Ryan Sitton (R)
  • Steve Brown (D)
  • Mark A. Miller (L)
  • Martina Salinas (G)

District Courts – Brazos County

85th District Court Judge

  • Kyle Hawthorne (R)

NOTE: Judge J. D. Langley is stepping down.

272nd District Court Judge

  • Travis Bryan III – Next election ?

361st District Court Judge

  • Steve Smith (R)

Justice of the Peace – Brazos County (Precinct 4)

  • Louis Garcia Jr. (R)

District Attorney – Brazos County

  •  Jarvis Parsons (R) – Next election November 2016

Sheriff – Brazos County

  •  Christopher C. Kirk (R) – Next election November 2016

Amendments to the Texas Constitution

Proposition 1:

Allocate to Fund 6 (The State Highway Fund) one-half of the general revenue derived from oil and gas production taxes that currently is transferred to the Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund).

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