This page highlights some of the products that the team has made. They are snapshots in time; some last, some change, some go away.

hdc.tamu.edu – A new look with a video in the background. (July 2021)
One IT website
it.tamu.edu – Another new IT site! This version was phased and combined several IT sites into one. (October 2018)
IT Governance website
cio.tamu.edu/it-governance/ – A mini-site, part of the CIO website (November 2017)
cio.tamu.edu/policy/ – A mini-site, part of the CIO website, which covers IT Policy, Risk, & Security. (September 2017)
itsecuritycenter.tamu.edu – A new security website for IT professionals on campus. Part of a IT Security blitz campaign (October 2016)
it.tamu.edu/AggieLIFE/ – Responsive, game (modeled on Game of LIFE) campaign website for Security Awareness Month (October 2015)
it.tamu.edu/getstarted/ – Technology checklist (TechList) of what new students need at Texas A&M (May 2015)
it.tamu.edu – New design – 18 months after last redesign – following the reorganization of Texas A&M IT (March 2015)
fightback.tamu.edu – Responsive, game-theme campaign website for Security Awareness Month (October 2014)
itforum.tamu.edu – Responsive redesign with global IT navigation (March 2014)
whatsyourstatus.tamu.edu – Responsive, game-theme campaign website for Security Awareness Month and launch of new security.tamu.edu (October 2013)
it.tamu.edu – A responsive redesign of the flagship website of Texas A&M Information Technology. (September 2013)
ITnet – A responsive design, Intranet website. (April 2013)
Texas A&M Texarkana
tamut.edu – One of the first Texas A&M University websites to use Twitter Bootstrap and responsive web design within Cascade CMS (January 2013)
ecampus.tamu.edu – A responsive design website to replace eLearning.tamu.edu; gateway to online learning tool. (December 2012)
texaspipes.tamu.edu – Website to post Iinformation and updates on the Texas Pipes fiber optic broadband network project. (September 2011)
pmo.tamu.edu/exchange/ – Promotional website for the Project Management Exchange conference (October 2011)
Cascade website
cascade.tamu.edu – Website describing the Texas A&M Cascade CMS (February 2011)
Mystery website
mystery.tamu.edu – Game themed website for Security Awareness Month (October 2010)
tweets.teamsiems.com – Archive of my Twitter tweets. Removed July 2018.
aif.teamsiems.com – My adventures in flying Microsoft Flight Simulator. Removed July 2018.
www.zfwartcc.com – Old version of the virtual air traffic control website.
www.ziacargo.com – Old website of the virtual airline, Zia Air Cargo and Sunspot Charters.
itss.tamu.edu – Website for a working group within CIS.
it.tamu.edu – Flagship website of Texas A&M Information Technology.
vpapit.tamu.edu – Website for the Vice President and Associate Provost for Information Technology.
cis.tamu.edu – Computing and Information Services
elearning.tamu.edu – Gateway to online learning tool