I started to try out Internet technologies and techniques on my own web site. There have been several products but a few stand out – blogs and content management systems (CMS). I started a blog called teamsiems zeigeist on Blogspot in 2005. When Google bought it and renamed it Blogger, I moved my content to In 2009 I tried WordPress and started teamsiems zeitgeist 2: organized chaos. Zeitgeist 2 was stable enough that I made it the lead of late in 2009. In May, 2010, Blogger discontinued FTP support of blogs to third party domains, so I merged the content of teamsiems zeitgeist with

In the Beginning

I started blogging to keep a record of my thoughts and goings on in the world so that one day I could look back and say something like “See, in 2008, when I went to SXSW, social media was all the rage.” I try to keep my lessons learned on this site. It has become my digital journal.

The Projects and Portfolio pages spotlight what I’ve written/programmed apart from the blog. I’ve made dozens of web sites, several database/scripted applications, and even some cool graphics. I’ve also taken some good photos. I’m always looking to try new mashups of Internet technologies be it HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, RSS, XSLT, JavaScript, or jQuery.