Summer Sizzle 2010

It’s August in Texas and that means it’s time for Summer Sizzle – the bi-annual event Fort Worth Virtual ARTCC hosts live in Dallas.

Unlike other events, once we commit we have to be there because hundreds of people around the world are expecting us to show up and provide good air traffic control.

See my photo set on Flickr for ZFW Summer Sizzle 2010. This year we had 8 guys show up, and my computer didn’t want to start up so I didn’t control – so 7 active controllers.

Game Break Is A Bust

Well, it looks like Texas Game Break is a bust. Their Facebook was last updated on March 1 and today is supposed to be the second day of the Break – and nothing.

By contrast, ZFW Summer Sizzle has been going strong every other year since 2005. I made a video of the 2005 players.

So what’s the difference? We established a tight nit community before planning an event, then we planned an event with that community’s help.

A word to the wise: don’t start something you won’t finish and don’t ask people to help unless you follow through – no matter what. The first ZFW Summer Sizzle was a success because we all pitched in and helped. All of us were involved. Yes, it took money. But, those involved pitched in and did what was needed to make it happen. That is the moral of the story when it comes to events: everyone has to do something and something has to be done (by more than one person).

Oh well, maybe we will see something come of Texas Game Break next year.

Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival 2010

It seems like each year about this time my mouth starts watering for steak and wine. Actually, I seem to yearn for them earlier and earlier each year. Last years’ Steak & Grape was good but very crowded.

This year, the Texas Steak and Grape Festival celebrates it 4th anniversary, June 18-19. They also have a spiffy new (WordPress) Web site, and I think the City of Bryan is sponsoring it; they’re hosting the site.

I may be out of town that week so I don’t know if I’ll make it to the festival. I’ll just have to have some steak and grapes in honor of the festival somewhere else.

25th Annual Kolache Festival

Repost from

Come be Czech for a day! 25th Annual Kolache Festival – Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Kolache Festival is a celebration of the revitalization of Czech heritage… a county that was basically a Czech settlement realized their precious identity was slipping away. New generations knew not the language, the music or the art of their ancestors. Not only do we grasp at the past, but we hurry to share the history…to bring into today’s focus the beauty, talent, and delight of the Czech people.

Come to the Kolache Festival and learn the wonderful Czech philosophy. See the technique of stenciling, basket weaving, egg decorating, quilting, woodcraft, carving, sculpturing. Dance to the polka, and sing the songs of the musician. Taste the true ethnic food and lend your soul to the fulfillment of the Czech cultural heritage.

Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival 2009

It’s that time of year again. Now that kids are out of school and people are looking for things to do with the family it’s time to drink wine and eat steak.

This year it is the third annual Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival. The main events happen June 20.

Last year’s events were good by Bryan standards. It was hot, humid and not much more to do than sample wine and eat meat.