FCC Thinks You Should Pay for How Much Internet You Use

FCC Boss: You Should Pay for Internet By How Much You Use [POLL]. Source: mashable.com

As of May 22, 2012, 69% said “It’s price gouging”; 14% said “It’s a free market, event if I don’t like it” and 14% said “Depends on the price.”

I said:

This sounds like the best way to shut down free market and small business and lower-than-middle income consumers. The Internet is my livelihood and my entertainment. I can’t live without it and I can’t live with higher prices.

I can understand higher prices for more bandwidth limits, but a per byte charge will change my life for the worse.

I hope internet companies lobby/fight this. Like Neal Bloome says, would you pay $200 per YouTube video? How about $50 to play Mafia Wars for 1 day on Facebook? No? Well Mr. Genachowski doesn’t care, but I hope Mr. Zuckerberg cares or Mr. Kamangar cares.

How to connect YouTube with other accounts

With the new YouTube interface, some of the screens/options have changed.

This page shows you where to change the services you share videos, favorites, likes, comments, etc.

First, log in to your YouTube account and then go to


or click on the Settings under your account menu (top right). Then click on Sharing on the left menu. This should be the Sharing and Connected Accounts page.

Click on “Connect” next to the the accounts you want to connect such as Facebook, Twitter, orkut, or MySpace. Ofcourse connecting accounts requires you to have, and log in to, the accounts.

Click the checkboxes next to items you want to share like Comment on a video.

Click Save Changes.

That’s it.

Clearwater High School 20 Year Class Reunion

Diana, Cathy, Joey, Sandra, me, Andy

What was on my mind 20 years ago? I thought about 2010, the movie, and space travel, getting through college, and getting a good job. Now that it is 2010, we don’t live in space or even travel in flying-cars (they’re working on it), but I graduated college, and got a good job. The year 2010 means it’s time for our 20 year class reunion. It’s time to reflect on what we’ve done and how we got here.

The world has changed quite a bit in the past 20 years. Perhaps the biggest change is the Internet and how we interact with it. The Internet came into it’s own around 1994. We had a 5-year-old Internet when we celebrated our 10 year reunion, but we didn’t have much more than email to communicate to each other. Flash forward 5 or 6 more years and we saw the birth of social media; communicating in near real time over the Internet.

Now we use social media to connect to classmates. We have a Facebook group. It’s not perfect – not everyone in our class uses Facebook, let alone Twitter – but it’s quicker than email. People are people and finding them will always be a challenge – just ask the census bureau.

Social Media Effects On Student Writing

In September I wrote a blog about Twitter’s influence on writing. In March, an article was published in the Texas A&M school news paper, The Battalion, that checked the belief that grammatical errors have increased because of social media outlets.

Texas A&M University Writing Center Executive Director Valeria Balester says it does not have an effect….”Any teachers who are assuming [errors] are increasing don’t have any evidence for that. It’s just anecdotal,” Balester said. Source: Facebook Affects Student Writing | The Battalion.

I still hold to my belief that writing style (not necessarily grammar) and communications in general have changed because of social media. The article goes on to say that kids today are schizophrenic writers (my term): they write one way in social media outlets and another way for formal papers/class assignments. That is interesting. Now I want to know how are they going to write at their jobs? Will they use the formal style or the informal?

The article also mentioned that one difference with writing today compared to 20 years ago is that students don’t care as much about making errors – either in the formal writing or social writing. That could be some of the difference I’ve noticed. The errors mentioned are grammatical like wrong word choice. They use spell check but they don’t use grammar check correctly or the grammar check isn’t smart enough to distinguish the plethora of homonyms in the English language.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is the “dumbing down” of writing: smaller words and a shrinking vocabulary.

High School Reunions Via Social Media

If it wasn’t for the Internet and the explosion of social media I probably would not know about my high school reunion. We started finding each other through email before the last reunion in 2000, but facebook, myspace and twitter make finding and communicating a lot easier and cheaper than some places (ClassMates.com). Although the other sites may have served a purpose in the past, social media sites are king today. They’re free and more and more people are using them for way more than class reunions.

Clearwater High School Class of 1990 (on Facebook)

Facebook and their Terms of Use

It appears in the wake of global attention and outcry, Facebook has, as of at least 12:27 am, reverted back to the previous Terms of Service. Phew, now we can all go back to sending each other digital cupcakes without Big Brother watching us. This is a temporary move until Facebook can draft a new Terms of Service that addresses the users’ concerns. — http://consumerist.com/tag/terms-of-service/

(The now old) Facebook Terms of Use