iPhones, Social Media and Higher Education

A possible friend/kindred spirit from the HighEdWeb conference posed the question on twitter today:

ColB: Not exactly a shock but — what does it mean for how/what we develop? Via Mashable: “iPhone Dominates Mobile WiFi Usage” http://bit.ly/f3dX9

To which I responded:

teamsiems: @ColB We use http://www.medu.com/ @tamuwww on iPhone to see class schedules, contact info, maps, and more

But seriously, what are we (Higher Education) going to do with iPhones? What should we do at this point with an untested technology (small, wireless, social media)?

Face it, twitter is running wild. No one is controlling it, there is no advertising, and fewer teenagers (future students) using it. Do we migrate with the herd? We sure fell into the social media trap almost as quickly as the rest of the world. And why not, money is money, and public universities need it as much as commerical businesses.

Only time will tell – tell how soon we continue with the soon to be old technology or jump ship for the next best thing.