It Might Become the Neda Revolution

I stand corrected. It is no longer the Masked Revolution. There is a face and she is Neda (Farsi for “the voice”). #neda is the newest hash tag on twitter to identify the #IranElection or #gr88. I guess as time passes hash tags need to be re-hased to remain fresh – so people don’t forget.

See TIME website: In Iran, One Woman’s Death May Have Many Consequences

A gruesomely captivating video of a young woman – laid out on a Tehran street after apparently being shot, blood pouring from her mouth and then across her face – swept Twitter, Facebook and other websites this weekend. The woman rapidly became a symbol of Iran’s escalating crisis, from a political confrontation to far more ominous physical clashes. Some sites refer to her as “Neda,” Farsi for the voice or the call. Tributes that incorporate startlingly upclose footage of her dying have started to spring up on YouTube.