The lots have been cast…let the battle begin

On the left we have history-making campaign of Barak Obama, Senator from Illinois, and Joe Biden, Senator from Maryland. Obama, the black man, is the one running for president.

On the right we have the other history-making campaignof John McCain, Senator from Arizona, and Sarah Palin, Govenor of Alaska.

Like McCain is fond of saying, no matter what next year things are going to change in Washington and history will be made.

Personally, I’m not in favor of anyone of the candidates. Some have suggested we look closely at the Vice President candidates because chances are high that the President wont finish their term. That doesn’t help! I don’t know either VP and that gives me no confidence.

Barack Obama prepares to name running mate

Barack Obama prepares to name running mate – Yahoo! News: “WASHINGTON – The secret holding, Barack Obama on Friday readied announcement by text message of his vice presidential running mate from a list suddenly spiced by a dark horse from Texas.” …Three days before the party gathers in Denver to nominate Obama for the fall campaign, several officials said Rep. Chet Edwards, whose district includes President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, had made the roster of potential running mates.


Obama clinches nomination; Clinton seeks VP spot

AP – Cheered by a roaring crowd, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night, taking a historic step…”

Obama’s Texas Two-Step

A man, a plan, Texas. He’s reaching out in a big way.

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Now for the other Two-Step story …
Yesterday, February 25, I got a flyer in the mail. It was Obama’s “Texas Two-Step” campaign. The gist of the message was that we should attend the voting location twice! The first time, it explained, 2/3 of delegates are chosen. The second time – the night of the March 4 primary – you go to the polling location and sign-in thus choosing the remaining 1/3 of the delgates.
Texas doesn’t have caucuses. We vote in the Primary then we vote again in the General Election. End of story.

Let me rephrase. Texas (a majority Republican state), does not have a Republican caucus. Texas Democrats get to caucus in tight races when there’s more than one canidate left at the time of the Texas Primary.

Stuper Tuesday

This year Super Tuesday is February 5th. Some folks are celebrating the distillation of a canidate others are just celebrating.
There are a butt-load of delegates at stake today:

The two dozen contests Tuesday were delivering 1,023 Republican and 1,681 Democratic delegates. The number needed to win the nomination: 1,191 Republican and 2,025 Democratic. (AP/Yahoo)

There’s the slushy factor to concider: the weather isn’t cooperating in many primary states. Absenteeism is at an all time high: thousands of troops want to vote. (Possibly to elect someone who will get their butts home.) And then there’s the stuper factor: it’s Fat Tuesday.