Woo Themes

I installed this new theme from Woo Themes, and it appears that they leave off a lot of web elements I took for granted. In the SEO section an admin has to specify a lot of things like title, description, keywords, and what to index. They say they support two of the most commonly used SEO plugins – All-in-One SEO and Headspace 2, but those seem like even more work.

Just in case I change themes again and loose my keywords I listed them here. I used the following keywords for my home page:

Siems, Chris, teamsiems, team siems, web, website, development, developer, Economics, Education, Europe, Nature, Odd, OIT, Personal, Politics, Religion, Social Media, Technology

I used the WordPress default for the title and description. The indexing I left on categories.

teamsiems.com tagline

I don’t write about myself or this site too often, but I had a small epiphany about the tagline of teamsiems.com. Like every other story I can remember this story starts off with, “I was surfing around the web and….” I happened upon the Google’s Webmaster Tools website. This site lists, among other things, a ranking of your site’s pages in the Google search engine. It made me realize that visitors were coming to my site for some odd topics, and furthermore the tagline was basically lying or misrepresenting the content of teamsiems.com. After that revelation I wanted to fix it and make it more search engine friendly.

I started this site in 2006 as a sandbox to try new web technologies and techniques. In the back of my mind I always wanted to make this into a business. Here we are in 2010 and I have launched a few sites from here, but for the most part this site has become my collection of blog posts and PHP code. It’s time to acknowledge that this site will not become a business anytime soon and clearly state that this site, like my life, is a collection of odds and ends and (seemingly) random bits of information.

How do I reflect this idea on this site? I started with the tagline. I’ve burned through a few description tags and taglines since 2006, but the last one I wrote was done quickly and it only furthered the murky purpose of this site: organized chaos of a web developer. I am a web developer, but teamsiems.com really doesn’t have anything to do with web development.

I rewrote the tagline. It’s not as easy as it looks. It took me a while to think of a tagline that more accurately reflects the scope of this site: The Siems Team: observing life on the web. I think this is true. My name is Siems. I recently added more members to my family and it’s not a stretch to call us teamsiems. I think the last part is clever. I observe and collect information from the web and store it here – on the web.

So, until I change it again, this site will remain a collection of life taken from the web and saved on the web.