Nurturing Communities with Social Networking

Kristofer Layon
Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration, University of Minnesota

October 5

Social media can create community:

  • Group of people having a religion, race, profession or other particular characteristic in common

  • Feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes interests

  • Group of interdependent organisms of different species growing or living together in a specified habitat

Are you bringing people together that are similar or different?

Principles of good social media personae:

  • be factual most of the time

  • be sincere and polite all of the time

  • carefully weigh entering into politics…or otherwise straying off-topic (80/20 rule)

  • be consistent (singular voice)

  • be human


  • blogging, social networking:ning, photo sharing: youtube, micro-blog: twitter

  • integrated social media: minnewebcon

What was ROI for minnewebcon09:

  • twitter: 1400%

  • facebook: 285%

  • banner ad: -54%

Social media feels immediate, but you need to plan for the long term. It takes time. Use the plan. It may change some, but it guides you and should be used.


  • plan

  • humility

  • persistence

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