Russia Invades Ukraine

Vlad the (Impudent) Impaler
Vlad the (Impudent) Impaler

Have you seen this guy? Of course you have. It’s ol’ Vlad. The Putinator. The Russian President for Life. Well, about 10 days ago he went off his meds and attacked – excuse me, launched a ‘special military operation’ – in the sovereign nation of Ukraine with soldiers, tanks, bombs, missiles, etc.

In the past 10 days over 1 million people have crossed the border to neighboring Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary. Estimates range from 136 to 2,000 Ukrainians have been killed so far.

Some of the Ukrainians fought back with what else – the quintessential weapon of choice – Molotov cocktails made by an Ukrainian brewery.

War (What Is It Good For?)

OK enough is enough! An acquaintance from high school wrote this on his Facebook. (Obviously he’s in the military.)

31 lost, 31 unwanted visits, 31 doors receive that dreaded knock, 31 families with shattered hearts, 31 pairs of boots lined up with rifles and dog tags and helmets, 31 comrades remembered and grieved for, 31 funeral services, 31 names on newly made grave markers, 31 empty places at the table, 31 souls who gave all, whose lives leave a void, so let’s take 31 seconds to re-post this and pause to reflect on such a sacrifice as 31 gone forever!

My reply was this:
I say the rest have 31 days to get out of country. Oh BTW budget cuts mean no hazard pay, no benefits, no severance pay. Welcome back boys! Get in the back of the employment line. Thanks G.B. and the rest of Congress that went along with this charade. Sorry Chris that you are in the military and support this action. I think the government has done a good job duping us from 9/12/2001 onward.