Deep Throat Stepping Out of Shadows

…first a bit of background….
I was only a toddler when Watergate occurred (June 17, 1972), but I’ve heard it told several times and several ways from my family and the media. I’m facinated by the whole thing because I was born just a few blocks away from the Watergate hotel and grew up a few miles from the political hot-plate that was Watergate.

The jist of Watergate was that 5 members of Nixon’s Campain to Re-elect the President (CREEP) were caught in the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate hotel in Washington, D.C. They may have disappeared in the shuffle of police bureaucracy had it not been for the tireless reporting of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post.

…moving forward…
Woodward and Bernstein were able to obtain exclusive, insider information about Watergate and Nixon’s CREEP from a source they titled Deep Throat. They ran with stories the New York Times couldn’t get, and back in the day when newspapers were fighting tooth-and-nail for the best stories (i.e. CNN was still 9 years later) it was said that Watergate put the Washington Post (back) on the map.
The irony, today the New York Times reported that the magazine Vanity Fair has made contact with a man claiming to be the infamous Deep Throat; the Post even outsourced this story to the Times. Now that’s sad. It’s a slap in the face of the Post.
On the flip side, Woodward said he would not reveal Deep Throat until he (Deep Throat) was dead. He remains true to his word and his oath to Deep Throat and that’s something comendable.

Is this a photo of Deep Throat? courtesy Associate Press (1976 photo of W. Mark Felt) via (today). Posted by Hello

…now this…
Woodward confirmed Deep Throat’s identity on May 31, 2005, almost 33 years after Watergate begain.