Get Your Easy Button: Web and Marketing Working Together

Kevin Lavelle
Coordinator of Web Services, Xavier University

Maggie Ridder
Director of e-Marketing, Xavier University

October 5

Project “Road to Xavier” is a recruitment campaign.

Cost, time, fixed content were the constraints.

Decided to move away from big budget because it wouldn’t have the best impact – timing and audience wasn’t ready.

Their real plan:

  • 3 print pieces

  • landing pages

  • events

  • addition elements

Division of labor:

  • Admissions

  • Marketing

  • Web services – tracking data fed back to Admissions

They had 8 key target programs and after brainstorming they came up with “I Am…” (role, service, )

Print pieces told a story. And they told what is the input component and what is the result.

Landing pages complemented the print page brand/content and were listed on the print pieces. This enabled easy stats of hits and emails.

Follow up emails of print.

Phoning: faculty calling students, student calling students

alums calling students

they each had guides

website with contact reports

weekly email bulletin

The result was 70% of students that attended an event enrolled. That was 20% of admitted enrolled at Xavier. Goal was 940 they got 1174.


  • focus on growth potential and capacity

  • collaboration and working together

  • clear responsibilities, communication and regular meetings

  • involving faculty and alumni

  • keep the team small, working with limited dollar resources

Now what:

  • strategic review of programs to highlight

  • reuse existing profiles and media

  • strong, focused events

The success of last year lead to more input from their team.

Road to Xavier is a portal like

They do a lot of their business there: housing, accounts, profile/directory information.