Blogger FTP

Unless you hid under a rock – like me – then you probably know Blogger is discontinuing FTP support of personally hosted blogs. What does that mean? In short it means I’m moving all of my content – four years worth – from one directory to another on this domain. That doesn’t sound to bad, but I have to go through each post and categorize it, date it, and add tags.

I imported old posts using Stephanie Leary’s HTML Import plugin. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be really lost without the plugin, but there is only two options for post dates: now and last update time of the file. Blogger doesn’t have categories and tags are Labels (if you bothered to label). I FTP’d files (to backup) in November so every file has a November timestamp.

To say the least it’s several hours of work. When it’s over I should about double the number of posts on this blog. Stay tuned.