My Notes of the Cascade 7 Webinar

My notes from the webinar about Cascade 7. Hannon Hill should have a video of this webinar on their site in a week or so.

June 5, 2012

Bradley Wagner


  1. Portability
  2. Performance
  3. End-user experience
  4. Interface/usability


  1. Released May 8, 2012
  2. Over 65 downloads
  3. 2 Betas and client survey
  4. 400+ Votes satisfied
  5. Features for all stakeholders and user

DEMO: Content Portability

whole-site export that downloads .csse files

DEMO: Database export utility

everything expect binary files

DEMO: Site Clone/Copy

It keeps local references local to the copied site, and
external references (_common) stay external.

DEMO: Move/Rename Unpublish

Auto-unpublish when assets are moved/renamed. This
works on manual as well as expired assets (expiration folder

DEMO: Modules

Easy way to add content e.g. twitter feed.

New >> Block >> Twitter Feed

Also swap out assets (blocks) on a page. with Inline

It dynamically updates the published page with new

DEMO: Spectate Connector

SAS marketing tool. Makes (empty) forms really easily.
Create connector in Cascade first, then use a new button on wysiwyg to drop
in form. Also, processes form data e.g. send email.

DEMO: Features – Caching (index

Speeds up render on Cascade.

DEMO: Features – Improved History

Type ahead with action list when users scroll over

DEMO: Features – Global Search

Type ahead added.

DEMO: Improved HTML5 Support

Embed video as HTML5. CAVEAT: Chrome doesn’t like
to render videos inline, but Safari will (Why?)

Also, improved Tidy – HTML5 nicer

My Questions:

Q: How does site copy handle locked files?

A: (They didn’t answer, but I think it will make a copy of the last saved version.)

Q: How does it hand internal asset references? One of
the problems we have when we copy now with 6.10.9 is
“hotlinking” images (or other assets).

A: It keeps local references local to the copied site,
and external references (_common) stay external.

Other Answers

Common assets (e.g. _common) need to exist before a site is copied.

Transport passwords are encrypted.