TinyMCE hack to shoehorn Paul Irish conditional statements into Cascade Server

Here is some code to shoehorn Paul Irish’s conditional statements for Internet Explorer into Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server using PHP’s ob_start() function. This is a mashup from a few people on the Cascade help forum. Really, it’s a TinyMCE (Cascade’s WYSIWYG editor) hack to get conditional code, i.e. comments, around the HTML tag. I know it’s a very specific use case, but if you are trying to make your web site responsive using HTML5 Boilerplate in Cascade you’ll want this. (Irony: WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor won’t save the code correctly so I took a screen shot.)

Paul Irish Cascade hack


Hannon Hill added a set of special tags in version 7.4 of Cascade that allow code – even “illegal” code – to sit in a page unrendered. You’ll find it in their knowledge base under Code Sections. Below is a revised version of the Boilerplate conditional statements using the new “protect-top” tag.