Vlog Every Day October 2014 | Day 11

“Three Bullet Points”

1] Rhetorical question of the night: Have you ever not wanted to get up from sleep? Today I woke up at 6 am, but I took a nap at 1 pm, and I didn’t want to wake up from the nap.

2] Tonight was my triumvirate of sports: the Cardinals lost the first game of the NLCS to the Giants; the Gators lost to LSU; and the Aggies lost to Ole Miss.

3] Way off 3rd base: I don’t own .22cal guns for the simple reason that they are not good home defense ammo. I do however (you might have seen my republish of the Ten Commandments of Conceal Carry) put guns in several locations throughout my home. Maybe I should talk about this: I didn’t used to have guns in the home.

#vedo14 or #vlogtober