Vlog Every Day October 2014 | Day 13

“Three Bullet Points”

1] We went to see “Dracula Untold” in IMAX this afternoon. It was good. A lot of action, not a lot of historical facts.

2] The weather was weird today. We went from 78 F and muggy, to raining and 68, to sunny and 75. That’s a cool front in Texas for you.

3] Voter ID Laws. I’ve been trying to write a blog about the Texas law that was blocked by a judge last week. To give you some perspective – as I remember it – ┬ábefore the 2008 election the GOP successfully redrew the congressional district map to their advantage. In 2011 they tried again and failed; however, they got the voter ID law passed – which had a similar effect on Democrats. This year, a judge blocked the 2011 law about 3 weeks before elections. The Greg Abbott and the GOP vowed to appeal. Abbott is currently the State’s Attorney General and a gubernatorial candidate.

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