Vlog Everyday October 2014 | Day 8

“Three Bullet Points”

1] I feel so special. I came up with a unique hashtag on youtube for this month – vedo14 – go see. No one else is using that hashtag according to the search I did.

2] American Horror Story – Freak Show premieres tonight. Can’t wait. And Walking Dead premieres Sunday (October 12). Can’t wait for that one either. We usually end up taping them and watching later because they are intense.

3] Honestly, I’m a little worried about ebola in the US. The first patient came from Liberia on September 20 and landed in Dallas (DFW). He had symptoms by 9/25 and was turned away from the hospital only to return 2 days later. He died this morning after being treated for 13 days. They’ve quarantined several people he may have come in contact with. I’m scheduled to fly out of DFW in 10 days. I hope things quiet down by then.

#vedo14 or #vlogtober