Outlook 2010 Social Connector

I’m putting this in the journal just in case a year from now this works out. I could totally see us doing this with some services at my department:

I’m happy to announce that a new member has joined the Outlook platform family. The new arrival has a long and formal name known as Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider Extensibility, but the name shouldn’t stop you from getting acquainted with this exciting new extensibility feature for Outlook 2010!

Here’s what I wrote in an email to my colleagues:

Basically, we could expose – with permission of course – profile information e.g. photo, @exchange email address, etc. to Outlook/Exchange users. This may have already been shot down by the powers that be, but I thought I’d mention it in the spirit of social networking and the future redesign of our intranet.

I installed Outlook Social Connector and connected it to my Facebook account, but I don’t see my photo yet.