Thanksgiving Cold Front

Is this global warming? This is wacked “this mornings low 67°, which is 20° warmer than the norm and only 2° cooler than the normal daytime high.”

Our local news station weather blog Tracking a Thanksgiving Cold Front:

National Weather Forecast Map November 23, 2010
National Weather Forecast Map November 23, 2010

Its lunchtime across the Brazos Valley this 22nd day of November…and the temperature outside is 78°.  No need to rub your eyes, that’s right…it’s 78°.  Needless to say, both overnight lows and daytime highs are running about 10 – 20 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year.  In fact, this mornings low only made it down to 67°, which is 20° warmer than the norm and only 2° cooler than the normal daytime high.

We’ll have to deal with this warm, muggy, breezy and cloudy weather for the next couple of days as we gear up for the beginning of the holiday season and head towards Thanksgiving Day.  But changes are on the horizon…

You are looking at the temperatures from 7am Monday morning.  Sharp, cold Canadian air is locked up beind the jetstream and is trying to work its way toward Texas and the Brazos Valley.  And it does look like it will get here…it will just take a few more days.  Its arrival? Welp…it looks like Thanksgiving day.

It’s Turkey Time

It’s that time of the year when the leaves turn colors, and the wind blows, and the drizzling rain starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. It’s Fall in Texas. It’s time to cook turkey! It’s Thanksgiving, or, at least it’s one week until Thanksgiving, and I bought a turkey fryer from Academy (COOKOUT SUPPLY COMPANY ELECTRIC TURKEY FRYER BY CAJUN INJECTOR) to make deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner.

The last thing I wanted to do was cook Thanksgiving dinner with an untested method on one of the most important meals we have all year. So, I got a sacrificial chicken and I fried it with the fryer a week in advance. It came out pretty good, but I learned something. Don’t be timid when injecting the bird. Don’t be afraid of tearing the flesh as this will leave holes for hot oil to seep in to and cook the hard to reach parts (near the leg joints). Anyway, here is a video of the chicken. Come back after Thanksgiving to see the real challenge.


I did a little research to find the best oil to cook with. The “All About Cooking Oils” page from was helpful. I don’t know how old that page is or how long it will stay up so I made a copy of it in PDF form.