Recession Over?

Don’t you just hate it when you see something on morning news and it hasn’t made it to their website. This morning The Early Show said recession over – sortof – but I can’t find the story anywhere. Everyone else (pessimistic bloggers) is keeping it in perspective. The Daily Finance Blog and Newsweek’s letters to editor are not declaring the recession over. President Obama doesn’t want us to get too excited yet probably because he wants to see how much he can raise taxes without collapsing the fragile economy.

Side Note: Notice how the last 2 Dems will be seen as the recovery presidents and the last 2 Reps will be seen as the economy stagnating dive-bombers.

My personal opinion – and I stated it several weeks ago – we really entered recession about 10 months ago and it’s going to be at least Q4 2009 before we see signs of recovery. The indicators the average person sees lag 2 – 3 months. We don’t know it’s over until the our job (if you still have one) tells us it’s over; our taxes go up.