AT&T Versus 15,000 Data-Crazed Velociraptors

Source: The Real War At SXSW: AT&T Versus 15,000 Data-Crazed Velociraptors | TechCrunch

AT&T’s struggles to stay up last year are well-documented. CNN recently ran a piece about how AT&T hopes to avoid a similar fate this year. But actually, “struggles” is way too kind of a word.

I must be psychic or something. TechCrunch ran this article yesterday, at the same time I wrote Buzzwords for SXSWi and CNET ran theirs. They also wrote an article on March 9, about Location Wars.

When 15,000 people are trying to use 3G in downtown Austin things get “a little” dicey. My co-worker at SXSW said he heard that AT&T would step it up this year. So far he’s sending tweets, but I don’t know if he’s on their network or not.

This topic is so hot that it’s trending on Twitter, at least until they crash Austin’s network or Twitter.